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yay wow celebrate ntnl coffee day by drinking crap coffee from starbucks//dunkin’ hahahaha

I rlly need to befriend a freshman with a meal plan bc I’m on campus and left my card at home whatup

Emma Watson’s speech panders to men and is nothing new tbh 

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Honor S/S 2015

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Please don’t ever think Hispanic people are not a minority and don’t need to be protected from racism and the way they’re represented in media

We are not cleaning ladies, we are not alcoholics, we do not mow your lawn, we are not exotic sexy mysteries for your white ass to unlock the secrets of

yo s/o 2 my mom she’s the real MVP

she sent me two packages with a bunch of spices and herbs, cheese(!!!), flour tortillas (!!!), chile chipotle(!!!), and a new pair of boots that are v cool and perf just like her wow what a sweetheart